January 26, 2009

Bebe Jacket - Part 1

This little gal, she likes to quilt (and to sit upon quilts). She curled up behind me today in the floor and snoozed while I worked on part of Bebe's jacket.

It's a free form process and I'm still not in the habit of taking photos as I go. So far it's been... cut out tissue paper pattern, try tissue paper pattern on dog, make another tissue paper pattern, cut 5" and 3" random strips from not-quite-scrap fabric, arrange, arrange again, stitch pairs together vertically, pin, stitch together horizontally...

Iron the windowpane, just like Miss Audrey taught me.
And, voila, a pieced fabric for the top of a cozy dog jacket!

(Slightly rumpled here from behind tied on the Bebe dog for size.) It's bigger than the finished product and will be trimmed into nice curves later. I hope it works. :crosses fingers:

Meanwhile, Judy the Pocket Beagle says that she would like one in yellow paisley, please ma'am. She pulled the fabric out of the stack herself! 


Reborn said...

OMG, Sara, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that wonderful yellow fabric and those delicious yellow walls!! I'm going to march right down to pottery barn and spend 5 billion dollars on that bedspread and cut it up for my chair!! teehee...

I have two yellow damask pillows I picked up from pier1 that remind me of that fabric:http://www.washingtonspaces.com/blog/uploads/Image/CostPlusPier1/DamaskPillows.jpg

I wish I could find fabric like that at the fabric store. Cross your fingers!


(btw, I didn't want to post this here bc it's off-topic, but I didn't see an e-mail address for you on your profile).

Simply Vintagegirl said...

How sweet . . . Judy looks like a very sweet dog. I'm not sure that Bently likes quilting, but he sure does like quilts. Momma is planning on making him a quilt of his own, as he hogs ours a bit too much. lol!

What lovely fabrics! I'm sure Bebe will look simply lovely in such attire! Poor Bently gets so cold, we need to make him a sweater, too. :)


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