January 7, 2009

Project 365

Among other New Year's Resolutions, I plan to spend my 2009 taking pictures. Three hundred and sixty five to be exact - one for every day. Since I've nearly forgotten twice already, here's to hoping that I make it past June! :D 

1) Bebe wore a cute bow & sweater for New Years.
2) A new children's story that I'm working on was inspired by these sweetgum balls - my tiny heroine makes them into chic chandeliers.
3) I organized my closet.
4) ActuallyLaura, our niece and I are trading this little journal back and forth.
5) Time for the lights to come down!
6)  Errand day, but I forgot the camera, so some cheesy self-portraits were called for later.
7)  There should be stories told about this big, blue ball that has been wandering around the windy neighborhood for weeks and today got stuck in our 'swamp'. 

Also participating in The Writing Endeavor, reading through the Bible at a slower pace, and a few other things...like fostering dogs! More on that tomorrow - I'll see you then!

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