January 9, 2009

she's here!

...And sleeping behind me, stretched out on the floor. (Shih Tzu paws are pretty cute, just so you know.) 

Bebe's doing her best at coping with not being the only dog. (She liked that, just so you know!)

I'm enjoying having a small dog patter after me for a few days.  (It makes one feel quite vain, just so you know. ;D )


Mary Elise said...

I love this action shot!

~Barb~ said...

Oh my, she is a cutie pie. You are an angel for giving her a safe, warm, loving home until she can find a wonderful forever home of her very own. If I didn't already have a LARGE managerie (2 Maltese, 5 cats), I'd sure take her. She's lucky to have you.
Peace & Love,

Sarah Mae said...

How sweet! How do you not get attached?!



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