January 18, 2009

Fashion Show Follow-up (and a really cute pup besides)

I came here this morning to share this beautiful photograph that my friend Lizzie took of her dog (whose name is Toffee - doesn't it fit? I need a chair like this for my desk!) and found a pile of comments waiting to be approved. Thank you, everyone for your responses! My day/week has officially been made. I'll try and reply to the questions here.

Laura said: Where do you find awesome skirts like that Sara? I have a few cool ones, but can't seem to find any lately. I can't seem to find any clothes that fit my "style" either. Are there particular stores that you usually find stuff?

My current favorite place to shop for skirts is Sundance. Their bottoms actually fit me (and my style!). The outlets have some reasonably priced things - especially taking into consideration the CPW, cost per wear. These are hearty, versatile clothes that you can wear hundreds of times! Look at the Sagebrush skirt, or the Escapade skirt. (I for one wish that the Cornelia Jumper and the Liela skirt were just a little bit cheaper! The jumper is rather short though...wear it over leggings?)

Target has some very nice knee length skirts on their website.

Check out this cute double button skirt from Gap!Add Image

Thrift stores and Ebay are also great skirt resources - just keep your eyes open! 

Reborn said: ...I love hats but can never find classy hats that I like. Where did you find that one?

Walmart or Kmart. Shhh - it's a secret! What do you think of these from Forever21? They could pull off a similar effect...

Again, thank you guys a ton for all the comments! I'll see you later, with pictures of dinosaur eggs in a forest. Sound intriguing? 

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Reborn said...

I do like the brown hat from Forever 21. But going to the mall is agains my religion (haha). I'm a thrift store kind of girl. I guess I should keep my eyes peeled at Walmart from now on... I usually ignore their clothing section.


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